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Welcome to The Air Force School Model United Nations society, we are a group of people who do feel the zeal and responsibility towards the broader international society. We feel the need to debate foreign policies and come up with some of the most unusual conclusions to some of the most basic international crises. Our belief is that a flawed domestic policy can hit the very basis of a nation, but a flawed foreign policy can shake the very basis of a Nationhood. So, lets go back to basics, and strike the irrationality and in the process bring in a global revolution.

“Diplomacy is to do and say the nastiest things in the nicest way.” –Isaac Goldberg


2 Splendid Conventional and 4 Non-Conventional Committees

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General Instructions

Delegation Allotment:

The Delegation Registration form is attached with the invitation. All schools can apply for seats in the UNGA (Double Delegation) and International Court of Justice, while for seats in the Non-Conventional committees; Individual applications will be required from delegates. Priority Applications end on 30th October 2015.

Registration Fee:

Each school has to pay a registration fee of INR 1000 (this includes the teacher fee), and the fee for each delegate is INR 1500. Fee has to be submitted by DEMAND DRAFT ONLY in the name of THE AIR FORCE SCHOOL.


The discretion of awards lies with the Executive Board of all committees and their decision will be final.

Dress Code:

All delegates are requested to either wear western formals or the national dress of their respective countries.

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